MATS Editorial: The Final and Final-ish Lizzo Truth Hurts Illustration

We had from the Facebook live on Thursday evening until Tuesday to submit, so I worked on this Friday after work, Saturday evening after a day in London, Sunday afternoon and Monday after work which was very tight for me as I had to hand draw on paper every element before scanning in to edit. This is where I do think that digital artists on the course had such a huge advantage, especially where an iPad is such a portable tool now.

I was quite pleased with my drawings but to be honest had a tough time editing it to the standard I wanted to and when I submitted at 7.30am on Tuesday morning (after staying up until 11pm working on it) before heading to work I knew I wasn’t happy with the piece I was submitting. Frustratingly I needed just a few more hours to refine it but I didn’t want to risk missing the deadline.

In terms of refining I looked back at the colour palette and after some feedback from others I knew I needed to make it either stronger or dial it back to my usual soft palette fully. I also realised that the Minnesota Viking logo was really jarring both in terms of graphic style and natural colours (yellow and purple) so I removed and shuffled the composition.

Submitted piece:

The Final-ish aka the piece I’m happy with

Lizzo editorial illustration presented as a double page spread