CASE STUDY: sleep magazine

Magazine cover Illustration

I was commissioned by Charli from SLEEP Magazine by Live Differently to create this illustrated magazine cover. The brief was open to interpretation but the concept provided was of a person with a finger up to their lips in a shh sign to follow on from the previous photo cover.

I made a number of initial sketches to choose from, before creating the final pencil illustration. As it was a magazine cover I felt that having some sort of background would be beneficial to keep it engaging so I scanned various watercolour textures in and experimented with how this would look.

“Working with Kirsty was great

She understood what I wanted from the beginning and the illustration that was delivered was better than I had imagined.

The level of communication was just right to give an insight into Kirsty’s process and the direction she was taking. Every step from brief to deposit, to delivery and payment was professional and stress free.

It’s amazing working with someone who not only takes the brief on board to deliver what has been asked for but who is happy to discuss ideas so that what is delivered works perfectly.”

– Charli, Founder & CEO Live Differently

Illustration progress

In the early stages of an illustration project it is important to create some ‘roughs’ which are rough sketches submitted for approval of concept or direction. I then like to show a lightly drawn but refined version of the approved sketch to check the client is happy with the way it is looking still. After approval on that I can confidently move to working on a detailed drawing that will form a large percentage of the final illustration.

Sketch stage for concepts

Light outline drawing for approval

Refined, detailed drawing for approval

Colour, layout and background exploration

I used Procreate to digitally add soft touches of colour to her face, earrings and hair. Then I created a number of watercolour textures which I scanned in to play around with the background. I think the right choice was made to have a light dove grey background as it compliments the illustration without detracting from it.

Final Illustration for magazine cover

A few final amends were suggested by the client which was to tone down the yellow eyeshadow and instead have yellow gold earrings. This adds a nice pop of colour and I am very pleased with the outcome.