CASE STUDY: Lizzo – truth hurts lyrics

double page spread Illustration

This project was the assignment for a class I took Editorial from Make Art That Sells with Lilla Rogers. The class broke down the stages in the way you do a client brief from sketches and exploration to rough to final. The turnaround time was very quick and I wish I had’ve had more time on the final to capture the likeness better – but the deadline was the priority!

Final illustration shown as a double page spread

Final Illustration – Scanned, edited and coloured

Illustration progress

It’s not usually my process but I enjoyed sketching some thumbnails by hand and then moving on to my iPad to draw the composition and work that out. I then redrew this to rough standard a bit closer to my style as though I was submitting to a client. The next step was to move on to drawing the portrait of LIzzo and the other elements.

iPad sketch

Submitted rough

Lizzo drawing

Colour, layout and background

Each element was scanned and edited then individually placed as per my rough, I decided to skip the ‘bom bom bi bom’ wording to improve the look. Then I used an existing watercolour texture and used a colour gradient layer over the top to fit the colour palette. The gold music notes and ‘bling’s were drawn directly in Photoshop using my iPad and the Astropad app.

Final Illustration for a double page spread

A few final amends were done from my class submission to improve the colour palette which included removing the Minnesota Viking as it was jarring with the other elements.